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依 年齡 和中文 等級,本校 設有國語及雙語班,使用電腦教學,聽、 說、讀、寫並進,教導傳統文化、習俗、禮節及生活用 語。




教授汉语拼音/简体中文。孩子学习汉语拼音和简体字.  使用的課本是: 轻松学汉语少儿版


語文的學習不可脫離文化之薰陶, 每一學期小學一年級以的學生都要接受由專任老師教授的中華文化課程。(文化課程介紹)

Language classes are formed according to age and Chinese levels.  Adopting computer technologies in our teaching, we teach all the four skills of the language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with emphases both on daily conversation and Chinese culture, customs, traditions, and manners.

Nashville Chinese School teaches both traditional and simplified characters.  From K to 8th grade, the classes are divided into to tracks:  Heritage and CSL (Chinese as a Second Language.)


Heritage track is for native-speaking students to learn the Bopomofo Mandarin Phonetic Symbols and Traditional Chinese characters.  Both Hanyu Pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters will also be touched upon in the class.  The textbook is MeiZhou Chinese, which structures lessons according to the common experiences of students in the United States and has different levels from elementary to high school.


CSL track is for children from a non-Chinese-speaking family. The children learn Hanyu Pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters from Chinese Made Easy for Kids (Simplified).

CSL Adult Classes

NCS also offers one adult class using the university/college level text book “Integrated Chinese”.

Cultural Program

To boost the language learning, every student from first grade and above will have the opportunity each semester to receive Chinese cultural lessons taught by specialists. (Culture Classes).

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