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2018年大納城中文學校識字比賽: 大納城中文學校非常著重於學生的識字能力,每年會舉辦識字比賽。依照班級程度分成數個程度比賽。得分方式用豆子來計算, 每一個程度有數名得勝者。得勝者皆給予禮卡以資鼓勵。期待學生們除了能更認識中華文字之美以外,還能增加中文的認字能力, 今年活動圓滿成功!   2018 Vocabulary Contest winners: Heritage Class- Heritage K: Luke Bugg, Ella Chen, Jay James Martin; Heritage 1: 惠安, 曾潤呈; Heritage 3: 水嶋佑翔; Heritage 4: 梅歐雅; Chinese AP: 白嘉琪 CLS
Madness. Chaos. Superheroes, the cutest animals , gege's (that's Chinese Princesses y'all), the most adorable policemen/SWAT along with the cast
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2018 年是生肖狗年。 大納城中文學校一如往年,一樣準備了許多傳統中國新年的活動讓老師和家長學生們一起同樂慶祝! 這次活動有傳統台灣舞蹈表演、扯鈴表演、舞龍舞獅、旗袍服飾走秀,還有許多其他有趣的活動。慶祝當天整個學校充滿著新年熱鬧的氣氛,   2018 is the year of the Dog! As always, Nashville Chinese School prepared many traditional activities to
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We worked hard and had fun even though we didn't win the heat. It was never about winning.  It was
One bus.  Three teachers, 12 teenagers, 3 weeks, 10 cities and over 50 activities. 一部遊覽車, 三位老師,十二位青少年,3個星期,10個城市和50多個活動。 It was exhilarating, exhausting
Another great year at Nashville Chinese School.  We celebrated graduation with a performance and awards ceremony. 納城中文學校又度過美好的一年。表演和頒奬是慶祝畢業的儀式。    
Do you remember this fun day?  你還記得這個有趣的一天? We are getting ready for our 30 year celebration. Digging through our archives,

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納城中文學校是美國聯邦政府 認可的一個非營利組織,於1987年由一群熱 心公益的華人為傳承優美的中華文 化、語言而成立。最初僅有二十 多個學生和六、七個由家長兼任的義務教師,如今則有一百多個學生、二十多個教 師,加上無數的義務工作者協助推動校務。本校秉承「四海一家」的創校宗旨,不論政治、宗教、種 族等背景,全部一視同仁,以促進中華文化與祖先優良傳統之目標共同努力。.
Nashville Chinese School (NCS), established in 1987, is a federally recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. NCS’s mission is to enrich our community by providing Chinese language classes as well as arts and culture classes to children and adults in the Greater Nashville area. We take great pride in providing a nurturing, diverse learning environment for students of all ethnic backgrounds. Currently, over 100 students attend NCS classes on Saturday mornings at the H.G. Hill Middle School. Our semesters follow the Nashville Metropolitan Public School calendar.

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