Tuition and Financial Aid

学 费 和 奖 学 金  
Tuition and Scholarship







遴選/批准 由校長任命 2-3 人遴選委員會,由委員會篩選申請。


  1. K-12 學生:員工家庭優先,然後其他學生次之
  2. 成人:員工家庭優先,然後其他學生次之


  • 學生整體表現,包括學業成積,出席率,學習態度
  • 入學連續性
  • 過去授予豁免的頻率


  • 大納城中文學校保留所有權利給予豁免。
  • 申請截止日期(開學前一個月左右)
  • 給予金額(根據收入或需要)

All fees and tuition for each semester is due at time of registration. The per semester fee has been less than three hundred dollars per student, with sibling discounts.

Nashville Chinese School does not offer monthly payment; however, tuition payment plan may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Nashville Chinese School Need Based Tuition Waiver Program

Families with special circumstances may apply for tuition waiver.  The waiver does not apply to facility fee and text book fee.

Only registered students are eligible for waiver.  Waiver is granted on a per-semester basis. Each eligible student must reapply each semester and complete the Tuition Waiver Application Form.

Please submit your waiver at time of registration.  Each waiver must be accompanied by proof of need, including a Statement of Need and supporting documents such as IRS return (preferred), W2 or other government issued official document indicating financial duress.

Waiver is granted for either the full amount or a portion of the tuition.  Please specify the amount in the waiver application.

The screening, selection and awarding approval is executed by a selection committee. The
committee is composed of 2-3 persons appointed by the Principal.  Selections are based on the following priority:

  1. K-12 Students: Staff family first; then other students
  2. Adults: Staff family first; then other students

Selection of final candidates are based on

  • Overall performance including academic, attendance, learning attitude
  • Continuity of enrollment
  • Frequency of the waiver awarded.


  • NCS reserves all the rights of awarding the waiver.
  • Application due date (about a month prior the school start)
  • Amount awarded (based on income or indication of need)
Tuition Waiver Application

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